Back to writing again

It has been a while since my last posting on this blog.

Three weeks in fact.

I’ve been busy – very busy. We’ve moved house. We still live in the same house but we’ve moved the furniture around in three of the rooms. I now have a “new” office. It is much more spacious than my old office and the view through the window is great though I now realise that the garden needs some tender loving care.

The move included emptying the old office completely ready for new carpet to be installed. We had furniture everywhere for a few days. Then we had boxes of gear piled up everywhere. Gradually things are taking shape again and we are gradually getting organised. I must post a photo of my new office; the bookshelves look most impressive.

Another interruption to my writing occurred last week. We went away for a short five day holiday with our daughter. This was far too short but still the experience has given my writing a great boost. Over the five days I gathered plenty of material for writing. The seaside has this special effect on me.

There was an interesting side issue to the break away from home. I took my laptop with me intending to do some writing while away. I never took it out of its carry bag! Instead I managed to read half a novel, the first time I’ve done this in many months.


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