Back to writing again

I haven’t done much writing over the last week or so, nor have I posted much here for a while.

Did you miss me?

Oh, well, never mind. I missed posting and hearing comments from readers from all over. The first problem arose the weekend before last. No internet connection for the best part of four days. I find that very frustrating when I want to get on with blogging, doing research and dealing with incoming emails and comments. As it turned out, the solution suggested by my service provider was as simple as rebooting the router. Bingo! Everything now works fine. Often it is the simplest things that can overcome the biggest problems. And I shouldn’t have let it stress me out so much.

Pen and paper

On the positive side, it forced me back to pen and paper for a few days. I managed to complete an administrative task I’d been putting off for too long. It was something that could only be done on paper and so it didn’t need the computer or the internet.

Illness – again

Hard on the heels of the internet problems came further illness. I had a massive allergic reaction to something. I’ve had a history of minor reactions to artificial sweeteners over recent years. This is usually solved by a single antihistamine tablet and the intensive itching lessens within the hour and the welts go down over 24 hours. This was different. It lasted nearly five days and covered almost all of my body. I was taking antihistamines every six hours to ease the itching. All that did was make me terribly drowsy. I slept or dozed through the week, a state not conducive to concentrating on writing.

Now this week I have been recovering from some severe dental work. This has also left me in a state of discomfort for three days.

Emergency blog posts

I have written a number of times about the benefits of having some emergency articles ready for posting on your blog. I usually work up to several weeks ahead and have sometimes a dozen or more articles timed to appear here, one every day. This has been very helpful in times past when illness occurs, or other responsibilities get in the way or I am away on holidays or travelling. This time I had nothing in reserve, so I appreciated those times in the past when I had worked and planned ahead sufficiently.

Anyway – its now back to writing again.

Good writing.


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