Another night at the movies

Last week we got around to seeing “Shrek the Third” movie at our local cinema. Sad to say we picked a Saturday night and the theatre was practically full of rug-rats. Despite the average age of the audience being somewhere around six or seven, it was still an enjoyable evening.

While not as funny as the previous two in the series, “Shrek the Third” is still good entertainment. It must be hard for the writers to come up with new material in a series like this. Most of the cliches have been used, so it takes quite an imagination to come up with new gags.

I’m not sure if I embarrassed my wife or not near the beginning. The old king of Far, Far Away was turned back into a frog at the end of “Shrek 2”. The beginning of this latest movie sees him on his death bed. The shocked audience was very quiet during this sombre moment.

Then yours truly has to mutter, “He’s going to croak.”

No-one laughed.

I guess I’ll just stick to my day job.


2 Responses to “Another night at the movies”

  1. Don’t worry, Trevor, your sense of humor resonates with me! If I’d been sitting next to you I would have let out a Bwa-ha-ha-ha! and probably spewed soda from my nose!

    Good one!

  2. Trevor says:

    THAT is not a pretty image Robert. I think if you’d done that while sitting next to me I would have moved to a completely different part of the theatre. Trouble is – it was almost full of those rug rats. [loud sigh]