About the Problem of the About Page

Darren Rowse on ProBlogger is concerned about the lack of entries on the About Page on thousands of blogs that use WordPress.

One of the common problems that I find being made on many WordPress Blogs is the default ‘About Page’ being unchanged.

When I access a blog for the first time I often read the About page. It tells me who is writing the entries and gives me a better understanding of the author. When choosing a book to read and especially if I plan to buy it, I check out the biographical notes about the author. This will often give the credentials of the author. Can the author be trusted? Are they qualified to write on the topic? What is the author’s background and life experiences?

The author biographical notes will often influence my purchase of a book. The same is true when I start reading a blog on a regular basis. I want to know about the author and his or her credentials etc. It influences me on whether I will read on and return regularly.

To that end, I am pleased that I had spent quite some time setting up my About pages on my three blogs in the early stages. You can read them on the links below. Note that there is some cross posting hence some repetition. After all, I am only one person, not three distinct individuals.

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