A new group writing project – about people

I love group writing projects.

Someone else comes up with an idea for writing something – it saves me straining that old grey matter. This time Robert over at Middle Zone Musings has done the hard work – he has thought up the topic. All we have to do is write the article suggested by his topic. Easy, smeasy, nice and …

Hang on.

I still have to write the article. Mmmm. There seems to be some flaw in my logic here. Too hard. Can’t think that through right now.

What I learned from…people

The latest Group Writing Project being run by Robert is called What I learned from… people. Click on the link to read all about it.

And if you come back here in a day or two, you might be able to read my contribution – if my brain is still working. I’d better get it into gear because the closing date is closing in fast – Feb 10th in fact.

Go to it.

Good writing.


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