Some Myths and Facts about Publishing

I found this interesting article on a blog written by an American literary agent.

Myths vs facts of publishing by Rachelle Gardner.

It has some very interesting things to say about agents, and about getting an agent to represent you, and about getting published.

The many reader comments are worth reading too.The agent writing this blog is a committed Christian; in fact, she is actively seeking fiction which ‘does not contradict a Christan worldview.’

Pity we have no agents like her here in Australia.

Good writing.

Are you a Writer – or an Author?

From early on in my life I wanted to be a writer. I’m not sure where that desire came from seeing many of my family members were – and still are – farmers. Somehow I took a wrong turn and ended up in a classroom for 35 years. That was only ever my second choice of career. It happens. Now in “retirement” – or should I say – now that I’ve resigned from teaching little children – I’m finally writing full time. (I’m also studying full time doing my MA in Creative writing – that’s another story.)

I’ve always called myself a writer.

I’m now starting to reconsider that title, all because of a blog post I read this morning.

George, over at Tumblemoose Writing Services has posted a thought provoking article. He poses the question: “Are you a writer or an author?” In part he says:

“… in the eyes of the general populous, a writer is different from an author and the two are on completely different levels.  I think that to some extent, it’s picking nits, but remember that (and I hate this, even though it’s true) reality is not what matters – it’s people’s perception of reality that is the ultimate criteria.”

I tend to use the term writer most of the time. However, being a published author of 6 books, numerous stories, poems and articles, plays that have been performed and several thousand blog posts, I feel I’ve been short changing myself all these years.

When actually in the act of writing – I am a Writer.

When I’m published – be that in a magazine, book form, e-zine or blog post – I am definitely an Author.

Time to raise the stakes, methinks.

And hopefully get some respect. After all, I’ve worked hard for it.

Good writing.