A place to write

Every writer needs a place to write.

That’s a statement which is easily challenged. Is it really true? No.

Where I write:

In the last seven years the vast majority of my writing is done on my laptop in my office at home. This used to be our bedroom, but we changed our rooms around a few years ago because this room was too big as a room just used for sleeping. It doubles as an office for my wife and as a sewing room for her too, though she tends to be too busy to do as much sewing as she would like. This office has numerous bookshelves with many reference books, two printers, two filing cabinets, a phone and a modem. It also has my very comfortable old reading chair; must have one of those. More than 90% of my writing is done on my laptop at my desk.

I occasionally write in other places too. Below is a list of some places I can remember pursuing my writing:

  1. In the lounge room in front of the television; not ideal, but it happens.
  2. In our sun room overlooking a part of the garden with several bird baths. This spot is ideal for getting inspiration for my birding blog.
  3. On our front veranda; this is a good spot for writing poetry on a hot morning. It has a wonderful view to nearby hills; inspiring.
  4. On our back veranda overlooking the swimming pool. Fine in winter when the sun is shining but hot in summer with the temptation of the cool pool water presenting a diversion from writing.
  5. In the caravan on holidays in wonderful places we visit.
  6. On the beach, though it’s hard to focus on writing and not sleeping, or swimming, or just watching the waves.
  7. Down by the river. The mighty Murray River is a five minute drive from home.
  8. In church; inspiration can come anywhere, any time and what better place to be inspired?
  9. In a doctor’s waiting room; this shows the importance of always carrying a note book.
  10. In a library; a lovely quiet place for writing.
  11. In a park; my state capital city has many beautiful parks just begging for writers to breathe in the inspiration.
  12. In a hotel or motel room while on holidays.
  13. In a lodge on a trek in Nepal with a view of Mt Everest – probably the most exotic place I have written – you can read about it on my travel blog here.
  14. In the car while travelling. (My wife was driving at the time in case you were worried. On one occasion I did compose a poem while driving, reciting it over and over until I could pull over safely and write it down.)
  15. In my classroom in another life, modelling how to write for my students.
  16. In my hospital bed; I wrote a good part of the text of a picture book while in hospital a few years ago.

There is no one place that is totally ideal for writing. It can happen successfully anywhere and that is one of the beauties of being a writer. On this topic I found a very interesting article called “Where are the best places to write“.  It seems that many writers used a favourite cafe for writing. We do not have many cafes in my home town so I haven’t really pursued that avenue, though it sounds very attractive.

Reader response: I invite my readers to tell me their favourite or usual places where they write. I would be delighted to receive a whole raft of suggestions.

Good writing.