Writing prompt – children

Children in the village of Sefrou in Morocco

A few years ago my wife and I toured Morocco for two weeks. It was a magical tour with many highlights. I write more about this trip on another site called Trevor’s Travels.

One of the places we visited on the tour was the village of Sefrou which is about 30km from Fes. It was a delightful and interesting place to experience. As we were wandering through the streets we came across this group of children playing. They seemed to want me to take their photo, but were a little hesitant at first. Eventually they posed for me.

Whenever I look at this photo I wonder what their story is. It might prompt one of my readers to think the same, or similar, question.

Writing prompt:

  1. Tell the story of this group of children.
  2. Use your imagination to think about what they were playing.
  3. Imagine being inside their heads. What were they thinking about this strange Australian taking their photo?
  4. Write about some imaginary tragedy they might have recently experienced.

Good writing.