Poem #46 Sacred Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher in our garden today

Sacred Kingfisher

Flash of blue-green
Lights up the early morning
Drabness of the mallee trees
Just metres from our breakfast table.

We sit transfixed by the kingfisher
On a dead branch overhanging our rose garden.
Tail-flicking and head bobbing
It surveys the garden for its breakfast.

It drops to the ground, a living arrow
Of death for a beetle, gecko or native cockroach,
A quick gobble and it’s gone,
A kingfisher gourmet delicacy.

It reads my mind, lingers long enough
For photos, posing in a variety of settings
But always within reach of my camera lens,
A modest model robed in holy turquoise.


© 2013 Trevor W. Hampel All rights reserved.

To read more about this wonderful encounter, go to my birding site to read about “A beautiful guest at breakfast” . I’ve included several more photos on that post, too.

Poem #43 Wedge-tailed Eagle

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Wedge-tailed Eagle

How awesome
To soar over mountains and valleys,
To rise majestically
On thermal currents
Transported effortlessly
Over a patchwork quilt

© 2011 Trevor Hampel

All rights reserved.

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The Wedge-tailed eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey with a wingspan of up to 2.8m (about 10 feet). They are found all over Australia where suitable habitat exists. You can read more about Australian birds on my site Trevor’s Birding.

Wedge-tailed Eagle