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Writing prompt: a farmer’s old truck

Old farmer's truck, Taplan, South Australia

Old farmer’s truck, Taplan, South Australia

Many people have a fascination with old vehicles. Some even spend great amounts of money to buy old cars and motor bikes and then spent countless hours restoring them, polishing them and sometimes even driving them.

This vintage truck was a part of the Taplan Railway Centenary celebrations in October 2013. Taplan is the small Murray Mallee town south east of Loxton in South Australia where I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm. My nephew and his sons still run the farm my father started in the 1920s.

The truck in the photo is being driven by Lance Pech from the farm next door to where I grew up. Lance and I grew up together going to the small one-teacher school at Taplan. He ended up working the farm with his father for many years. He was also very active in bringing together many of the elements of the special celebrations on the day I took the photo.

Writing prompts:

  • Write a piece of fiction featuring this old farm truck as a central character.
  • Write an imaginary piece from the point of view of the truck.
  • Tell the life story of the truck, or its owners.
  • Research what life was like in rural Australia in the early years, say, the 1920s. Write an article about the good times and the bad times.
  • Write a story about the special events the truck has been a part of down through the decades.
  • Write about some important tasks the truck may have contributed to during its working life.
  • Write about a car enthusiast who found and restored this vehicle.

Good writing.

A new form of reading

I have finally joined the ranks of those with an eReader.

Yes, I know I am slow at adapting to the latest technologies, but I have some sound reasons. The main reason was a reluctance to buy any more books. I have many piles of unread books and magazines cluttering various parts of the house. I have been trying hard to get on top of these heaps of reading materials, but the list seems never ending. One day I will overcome this problem – I guess – though it has the benefit of never having to look far for something to read. (You are probably thinking that my house is a very untidy mess of books and magazines. Wrong. It is a quite tidy mess of books and magazines.)

But back to the eReader.

It was a freebie from my bank’s awards’ programme, a Kobo Aura. It was very easy to set up, and even easier to buy books. (Too easy, as my wife has discovered.)

My first book was The girl with the dragon tattoo, one I had been planning to read for some time. The reader is very easy to use and especially easy to read in bed. I recently read Peter Fitzsimons’ huge 800+ page tome called Gallipoli. I managed to read it partly in bed, but it was not really ever comfortable.

I won’t do a review of my first book just yet. I did find it a riveting tale and read it in only a few days. All I will say for now is that despite the compelling draw of the story I did not particularly enjoy the book. Sadism is not my thing, and several characters in theĀ  book are brutally sadistic in nature.

From that interesting read I have moved on to a second ebook, The Kite Runner. So far I am enjoying it.

Good reading.

Good writing.