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Books, books, books and still more books

“So many books, so little time.”   Frank Zappa

I agree.

I have so many books that my home is almost in dire need of more bookshelves. I have at least a dozen bookshelves, and still I need to make piles of them in most rooms. I keep on buying more and borrowing even more, and the piles never seem to diminish.

So, this year I have decided to make a concerted effort to reduce those piles and get to reading – and finishing – as many as possible. The delightful thing is, I will need to read, read, read for the next three to five years to make any impact on those ever growing heaps of books.

It has been suggested that I sell some of my books. That would be like plucking out my eyes. Not an option.

Oh – did I mention the boxes of books in the passage – and even more in the garage?


Just a small part of our library

Just a small part of our library

A terse tercet

We’re weary of your endless chatter,
We’ll serve your tongue upon a platter –
Cooked deep fried and done in batter.


Sailing, sailing

Yachts at Goolwa, South Australia

Yachts at Goolwa, South Australia

I have never had too many opportunities to travel on ships or boats and especially sailing on yachts. I have only ever been sailing on a yacht on a handful of occasions. I certainly would have liked to have had far more opportunities, but they didn’t present themselves.

Perhaps I don’t mix with the right kind of people – or I need to find new ways of making far more money so I can afford a nice yacht. Trouble is, people like me (of a certain age) are probably too old and decrepit to learn how to sail. Perhaps I need to make a lot of money from my writing so I can afford to buy a yacht and employ someone to sail it for me.

On the other hand, I have often watched yachts sailing, admiring their beauty as they press through the waves, flying along on the wind. More than once have I wistfully wished to be one of those on the boat. From time to time I’ve even caught myself dreaming about sailing my own boat to exotic destinations.

Writing prompts:

  • Write an account of a time when you went sailing or boating.
  • Turn your non-fiction account into a fictional story, letting your imagination full rein.
  • Write a poem about the beauty of sailing ships and yachts.

Good writing.

The photo above was taken several years ago of yachts near the mouth of the River Murray, Goolwa, South Australia.

Writing prompt: A cute little rabbit



This little rabbit has taken up residence in our garden. Not that we want it there, or have encouraged it in any way. It just arrived, probably from a nearby warren.

My sister-in-law thinks it is “cute”.

My daughter thinks it is “cute”

We don’t think that it is “cute” the way it eats our plants. In fact, my wife says that the only “cute” rabbit is one in the pot cooking for dinner.

How do you react to seeing a young rabbit? Perhaps you might even have a pet rabbit. Write a story about a rabbit, either one you do not want around, or a pet rabbit that you love.

Good writing.