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Writing prompt: the colour of spices

Colourful spices for sale in Fes, Morocco

In December 2011 my wife, daughter and I travelled extensively through magical Morocco. One of many interesting experiences was wandering through the medinas of the old parts of cities like Fes. The huge variety of things for sale was overwhelming, as were the sounds, aromas and the thronging crowds everywhere.

Such vibrant and exciting places. I wrote a great deal of poetry during our visit, along with an extensive daily journal.

Writing prompt: write about the foods you love, including the colours, aromas, textures and tastes. It could be in journal form, or poetry or even as a backdrop of a fictional piece, such as a short story.

Good writing.

Writing prompt: Autumn

Autumn leaves in Bright, Victoria

On a recent caravanning holiday in the high country of Victoria, Australia, we visited the beautiful town of Bright.

The trees in the district were magnificent, showing numerous colours of autumn.

Writing prompt: write about the colours of autumn in your part of the world. Perhaps a poem describing the colours, or a short story where the leaves of autumn play a significant part of the plot.

Some thoughts about writing, retirement and travel

Autumn leaves in Bright, Victoria

I haven’t had much time recently to add more posts here on this site. If you’ve missed me, my apologies.

Like many “retired” people I find that life can get very hectic when one is cut loose from the demands and discipline of fronting up to a job on a daily basis. I seem to be everyone’s target for calling on to do extra things. I guess I was also far more disciplined in my working years, and only took on those activities I knew I could handle – most of the time.

There is also the matter of advancing years. I find that physical tasks often take far more time to complete these days. Strange phenomenon that one. In retirement I also find many more interesting things to distract me, where I was far more focussed when I was working.

I have managed to clear the decks somewhat in the coming months, so I can hopefully devote far more time to my writing for the rest of the year, including this site and my other sites as well. That’s the plan anyway; I hope it pans out as planned.

I see only one major obstacle: our desire to travel.

My wife and I recently enjoyed our first long caravan holiday in many years. We were delighted to visit Mt Beauty and Bright in the Victorian high country. The amazing display of autumn leaves left us wanting to stay much longer. Then we spent a few days bush camping in the Barmah Forest near Echuca. We started to question our lifestyle. We concluded that we could – like many retirees – become accustomed to being itinerants, moving around and exploring the wonders of this beautiful country of ours.

Autumn leaves in Mt Beauty, Victoria

Mt Beauty, Victoria