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Poem #37 Sacrifice


Buzzing, frantic

Circular buzzing.
The sticky mesh hugs
The buzzing blow fly
In its web of death.

The spider dances,
Excitedly prances,
And wraps its victim
Into its security blanket.


Silent death comes
Like a tap dripping slower and slower,
Like a clock winding down to stop.

The life-giving moisture
Slowly sucks away until
Only a skeleton is left.

The web of death
Is a web of life.

One life dies.
Another life lives.


All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 Trevor W. Hampel

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Computing changes

I am currently visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Sydney. My son is the computer expert in the family – he keeps this and my other blogs running smoothly (and you thought I did all that?)

He also helps to maintain our computers. While here in Sydney we’ve been able to use his super fast broadband connection. He has also set up a new 200Gb external hard drive for my computer and my wife’s computer (Yes we take our laptops travelling with us). Our laptops were in serious trouble of running out of disk space with all the photos we take, especially on trips like this one. You can read all about our holiday on my travel blog or my birding blog.

I have also been having neck and back problems always looking down at the monitor on my laptop. So the other day we went and bought a Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20 inch wide screen monitor. WOW! What a difference that makes. Especially to my photos. And it is so much easier to read.

Bottom line: this is the first item I’ve bought with the proceeds of my blogging.

And I like it.

Thanks Sim’ for setting it all up for me.

To see a review of this monitor, together with a photo, click here.

The Adventures of Nancy – I am a lap dog

Nancy as a lap dog

Nancy as a lap dog

Hi there again.

This is Nancy back again. Grandpa Trevor has gone on a long holiday interstate and so I have to hold the fort here on his blog. He has gone with Grandma Corinne to visit Uncle Simon and Aunty Leanne in Sydney.

I wish they had taken me with them. I would have been really well behaved. I would sit quietly and watch all the sheep and cattle in the paddocks as we went along. I would sit quietly when I saw a kangaroo hopping over the road. I wouldn’t even bark if I saw an echidna or a wombat.

I would have a very responsible job while taking them on holidays. They have a habit of wandering off into the bush and leaving the car unattended. Grandma Corinne is always looking at the ground, seeking out a new wildflower to photograph. And Grandpa Trevor always had his head in the air looking at birds though his binoculars or his camera. I would stay and guard the car.

Perhaps they will take me with next time.

In the meantime I thought I’d show you a picture of me as a lap dog. It shows Grandpa too. He will be furious when he gets back to see that I used this photo of me on his lap.

Never mind; I’ll just cuddle up on his lap again and he will forget all about it.

Talk to you soon.


Writing Hint #34: Schedule your writing day

If you are like me, far too many things can get in the way of our writing. Sometimes there are seemingly far more interesting things to do. Sometimes the pressure to get things done around the house – like cleaning, and washing, and reading the mail or paper or whatever can hinder progress on that writing project.

The key to getting that writing done is to actually schedule the tasks to be done in the day. Sounds simple? It is – but putting it into practice can take discipline and practice. I have a standard list of things I try to do each day. Writing is one of those things. I make it a high priority that some writing is done every day. I set goals for each day, week and month and work hard at achieving those goals, but I don’t try to reach the week’s goals on the first day of the week. I stretch them out over the whole week. Sure and steady, small steps every day, little by little the writing gets done.

I plan each day carefully, but unplanned emergencies do happen and the schedule goes out the window. For example, a few weeks ago I wanted to attend a funeral. It was two hour’s drive away in another town. I took the day off from writing, attended the funeral, met many people I hadn’t seen in years, spent time with my widowed sister-in-law and then drove home in time for the evening meal. The time out actually refreshed me and gave me time to think while travelling that gave me plenty of writing inspiration.

The Adventures of Nancy – dangerous animals

Nancy on watch for dangerous animals

Nancy on watch for dangerous animals

Hi there.

This is Nancy again.

I am so pleased that you could come over here to read more about my adventures. This one is quite serious. A few days ago I wrote to you about helping Grandma Corinne in her native plant nursery. Well, something just happened that makes me a little worried and just a bit hopping mad.

There I was, minding Grandma’s business, when alone came this dangerous animal.

Western Grey Kangaroo

Western Grey Kangaroo

Well – I ask you. What right does that stranger have coming into my back yard. I think he just jumped to conclusions and invited himself. No excuse me, or may I come in. No – he just bounds straight up to where he does not belong.

Boy – did I send him off quickly. We can’t have dangerous animals like that around here. Next thing you know he’ll be hopping all over us. And the last thing Grandma wants is him eating all her precious plants. No sir, no way.

Well – that’s another good day’s work done. We won’t see him again in a hurry.

Talk to you soon.