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My Latest Publication

I received a magazine in the mail this morning. It was the current (April 2006) issue of Compendium, a literary magazine I’ve subscribed to for many years. It is the newsletter of the Australian Christian Writers’ Fellowship which was founded in 1971. It includes letters, stories, poems and articles written by members. From time to time it includes writing hints and ideas as well as articles about writing. Sometimes there are details of writing competitions.


Over the years I have had a few poems and articles included in Compendium. This issue included my poem ‘A Handful of Sunshine’. This poem was written a few years ago when my wife was in hospital recovering from surgery.

Another Useful Writer’s Newsletter

The Spirit Led Writer

I’ve subscribed to the Christian writers’ electronic newsletter The Spirit Led Writer for some time now and have found some very interesting and worthwhile articles contained in it. It is a monthly digest type magazine written by a wide range of authors who write for the Christian market.


Many of the articles are well thought out and easy to read. Others are quite inspirational, like the article in the current issue written by Susan Sundwall called Finding Inspiration: Heeding the Breath of God. In this article Susan explores what it means to be inspired by God in one’s writing and the types of markets that accept this genre. She ends the article by listing some markets that pay for inspirational writing.

This newsletter boasts a high standing in the writing community. It was named one of the 101 Best Web Sites for Writers in both 2003 and 2004 by Writers’ Digest Magazine.
To read other articles, or to subscribe click here.

Writing is easy

Came across this little gem in a literary magazine I am reading:

“Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

Gene Fowler, American journalist and biographer, 1890-1960.

Useful writer’s newsletter

I’ve just finished reading this week’s edition of “Pass It On”. This is a weekly newsletter emailed to subscribers and covers many topics relevant to writers for children. It is packed full of interesting information, hints, tips, publishing needs and current trends. There is also the opportunity to contribute ideas for other authors to read as well as being able to ask questions of other writers, making it a very worthwhile forum. It is well worth the $2 per month subscription.

“Pass It On” is edited and published by Jackie Hosking (click here for details)

My Writing Credentials

I have just updated another page on this site. Previously titled “About Me” this is page is now called “My Writing Credentials”, with details about the types of things I write. I have also summerised my publication credits to date. More details of my publications will be listed soon.