An intriguing idea

Until today I had never heard of author DBA Lehane. This author has a blog called Short Short Fiction.

On this blog the author takes the word of the day from and uses it in a short story.

Every day.

Such discipline and creativity is to be commended. I’m not sure that I could keep up the pace – or the pressure. He limits the stories to 500 words and warns that they are only a first and rough draft.


2 Responses to “An intriguing idea”

  1. DBA Lehane says:

    It’s amazing what you do when you get bored. I got so bored today I decided to google my name, and I found your post about me here! The wonders of modern technology, eh? I am rather flattered to be called an “author”, I think “aspiring wannabe writer” may be a little more apt. Anyhow, apologies for not finding you for months, but thanks for the namecheck!

  2. Trevor says:


    It’s not a word I use very often – I find so many interesting things to read, to write about and to do I don’t have time to be bored.

    Thanks for visiting my humble attempts at adding something to the blogosphere.

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